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The start of a New Year is almost here!  And that means, it’s time to get organized.  You’re probably already planning to clean out your closets and organize the garage…but what about your insurance?  We urge our clients to take a few minutes each year to meet with one of our agents and review their current policies. READ MORE >>

When you first set up your life insurance policy, you’ll need to choose a beneficiary.  This is the person who will receive the life insurance death benefit if you were to die during the contract.   For many people, the primary beneficiary will be their spouse, simple as that! READ MORE >>

As the seasons start to change and we head into winter on December 21st, it’s time to think about home maintenance again!  Keeping your home and vehicles in great shape makes them last longer, look great, and can prevent accidents and claims in the future. READ MORE >>

Liability coverage is an important part of your auto and home insurance.  It’s not the coverage that fixes your belongings, but it does pay for damage that you cause to others.  For example, if you were to cause an auto accident, the liability portion of your car insurance would pay to fix the other vehicles or pay medical treatment for anyone who was injured. READ MORE >>

Insurance can get a bad reputation.  You pay for it and if everything goes well, you don’t need it!  But, for many of our clients, things don’t always go smoothly and insurance has been there time and time again to protect their family.   READ MORE >>

Lots of people want to know when the magical date will arrive that they can drop full coverage on their vehicles and save some money on their insurance.  Today I’ll share some information to help you make the right choice. We use the term “full coverage” to refer to collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicles. READ MORE >>

We all know that we need life insurance if we have people in our lives that depend on our income.  But guess what stops a lot of people from getting started?  The fear of a medical exam!  So today I wanted to give you a little more information about the medical portion of life insurance so you can make the right choice. READ MORE >>

So you’ve been shopping for auto insurance and have received several quotes.  There is a variety of companies, coverages, and prices.  Which do you choose?   A lot of people just pick the cheapest one and go with it immediately, but this can be a BIG mistake. READ MORE >>

Has this ever happened to you?  You made the decision to purchase a new vehicle, got it home, called and added it to your insurance, and then realized that your monthly insurance premium just did a big jump UP? This can be stressful if you’re not expecting it! READ MORE >>

Frequently clients have a lot of questions about auto insurance when it comes to their teen and early 20’s aged drivers.  When is it time for them to go on their own policy?   There are several factors to take into consideration.   The first thing to look at is WHO lives in the household. READ MORE >>

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